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A Powerful Platform

  • AI-powered outside-in data insights
  • Create sustainable value and competitive advantage
  • Optimise your revenue operations
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Customer Value Drivers

Arvova.AI gives you an accurate view of the value experienced by customers across the market. You know how your customers differ from those of your competitors. You know what different customer segments value. You lead customer value with data.

Competitive Advantage

Find your hidden competitive advantage and track the progress with Arvova.AI. You get an up-to-date, unbiased measurement of your competitive advantage and that of your competitors.

Competing Power

Release your competing power and turn it into growth and profits. With Arvova.AI you measure you success compared to your competitors. You track how your investment translates into cash flow.

Purchase Forecast

Who is going to win customers in near future? Arvova.AI tracks where customers are buying in the near future. See if you’re at risk of losing customers. Know how competitors’ customers plan to allocate purchases.


Drill down

Deep dive into different customer segments and competition.

Check what you need to do to create value customers are willing to pay for. Lead with data, not with assumptions.


Find out what you competitive advantage is or if you have any.

Set the targets and concrete actions to build sustainable competitive advantage. Lead with data, not  with assumptions.

Measure and Compare

Measure how your actions turn into results.

 Is you NPS turning into sustainable competitive advantage and cash flow? Track how your competitors are doing. Lead with data, not with assumptions.

AI-assisted insights

AI finds the insights you need to make decissions and actions. 

Enrich Arvova.AI outside-in data with your own customer data. Lead with data, not with assumptions.

Behind the

content & features

Creating and Capturing sustainable competitive advantage and customer value is a challenge even to the most successful companies. Arvova.AI helps you to succeed in this.

Utilise Outside-in Data

  • Gathered from customers in entire market
  • Turned into insights
  • Updated regularly

Easy to use

  • Built on PowerBI
  • Effortless drilling into data
  • Intuitive use

Regular data updates

  • Stay up to date
  • Notice the silent signals
  • Lead and make the change